Monday, August 30, 2010

Make Something Spooky!

This is a super fun project Vanessa worked on last week. I'm always considering new ways to use materials around here, and the small rectangle tins in my shop paired with these fun little plastic beads seemed perfect for a spooky Halloween coffin. She couldn't make it fast enough, I was dying to see it!

Here's what you need and links to where you an find it. You may already have everything you need to make it.
Spooky Buttons
Tiny Tin
Glamour Glue
Luxe Doming Resin
► Black paper

- optional -

Colored Chains

How To Make the Spooky Coffin:
1. Trim black paper and glue to the inside of the tin and the tin lid using Glamour Glue. Let dry, then trim around the edge.
2. Coat paper with Glamour Glue to seal the paper, let dry.
Mix the Luxe Resin according to instructions included.
3. Pour resin into the tin and add the skull. Coat the skull with more resin.
4. Coat the lid with Luxe Resin. Place both lid and tin bottom on level surface and cover to protect from dust. Let cure 24 hours.
5. Glue the tombstone to the top of the "coffin" with any strong glue, including Glamour Glue, more resin, Epoxy 330, or E-6000.
5. Add a magnet to the back or a bail and a chain to wear as a necklace.

Super fun!!!


B.Kelly said...

That is a really neat idea, thanks for sharing.

Dwijayasblog said...

Looks creepy for me but somehow I like it.