Friday, August 14, 2009

Personalize Your Cuff Links, Man! Finally a Gift for the Guy in Your LIfe!!

Oh, yeah! These are finally in! I'm so pleased with the quality of these gorgeous cuff links! They're so easy to customize with your very own image. Simply unscrew the cap, place your trimmed image (15mm) and screw the cap back on! A protective plastic disc is included to protect the image from scuffs.

Who wears cuff links today? Any man who wears a suit! Interviews, weddings, funerals, work, and a hot date!

Ways to personalize these cuff links are endless:
- initials
- photos of children
- photos of pets
- photos of those remembered (great for weddings)
- monograms
- decorative paper
- a splash of color
- reflective material
- fabric
...and the list can go on forever!

These are solid cufflinks built to last. You'll like the feel of them, and the look can't be beat.

They'll soon be available on, but for the moment they're in my shop on Etsy in the BAILS / RINGS / BEZELS / CUFF LINKS / KEY FOBS / DOG TAGS section.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Create a Triptych. 3 Gorgeous Birch Wood Blocks.

It's been a long, crazy summer with lots of fun and lots of work mixed together. It seems that I haven't been as diligent about sharing all the new goodness here on blogland. Perhaps you haven't noticed because instead of being indoors reading blogs, you've been happily crafting or enjoying the great outdoors.

One of my favorite new products are these gorgeous solid wood blocks made from Birch. These measure 2.5" on the face and the sides are 1.25" thick with a pre-drilled hole on the back. They're ready to decorate and hang on a single nail. Each set contains 3 blocks. Not sure how to decorate these? It's simple: print your favorite photos, brush on Glamour Glue, press the block onto the glued surface and smooth with a burnisher for a bubble-free seal. Apply a weight to the top, like a stack of books or a clean jar of coins. Wait 15 minutes, turn upside down, trim along the edge to remove excess paper, and hang on your wall. So easy, and these blocks are only $8 for a set of 3!

The photos of the horses on these blocks were taken by my then 9 year old daughter.