Thursday, July 26, 2007

Reasons I Love Summer...

It's been such an incredibly upside-down summer this year that I haven't had much time for new projects to share here. Fortunately, nature has stepped in for me and has provided many reasons why I love summer so much.

Our new backyard boasts the flowering bush I cannot identify. It's covered with gorgeous white blooms (pictured above). At first I thought it was a type of gardenia, but it doesn't have a scent. Unfortunately for the bush, the Japanese Beetles love this plant.

Also in my flower collection is one of my beloved plumerias, a Dwarf Pink Singapore. She has 3 inflos and this is the first bloom I've had this plant since rooting it 3 years ago. The scent is strong and very much like citrus, and the colors are surprisingly intense.

Another reason to love summer: the storms. We have the perfect vantage point to take in the drama of a proper summertime thunderstorm.

UPDATE: I've since learned the bush is Althea aka Rose of Sharon. It's just gorgeous!