Thursday, January 31, 2008

Morgan Street – “Real Soap Made the Old Fashioned Way”

How does one go about purchasing fragrant handmade soap online? By falling in love with the shop’s photography, of course! If you love rich, lathering, fragrant cold process soap, then you should really high tail it over to Morgan Streen on Etsy.

My love of these soaps goes all the way back to last summer when I first stumbled upon Etsy. That was months before I made my first purchase. Who knew soap could come in such gorgeous bars in such rich colors? I never thought twice about the soap I kept in my shower, but then I found Morgan Street and after months of deliberation, finally settled on two fragrances. I made an indulgent purchase of Black Raspberry Vanilla, which I am currently enjoying, and Coconut Lime, which I’ve been keeping at my desk because I just can’t get enough of the rich, citrus scent!

Each bar comes individually wrapped complete with scent name and a list of ingredients. Morgan Street has quite a variety of fragrances, surely something to please everyone. You won't be disappointed in these fine soaps. You might just find a new passion!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scrabble Tiles Revamped

I don't make this stuff up! Just as hot as Hannah Montana with the same age group of girls is the Scrabble Tile Pendant. I've been wanting to offer a product on my site for young girls for awhile and I think Scrabble Tile Pendants are the perfect item.

At the moment, I am offering these pendants with fixed designs called Playful Pals. My intention is to offer them personalized, just as I offer personalization with the other pendants and charms. I do plan to expand upon the options and I have gorgeous Swarovski Crystals to embellish them with. I have designs in the works for a line of Initial Pendants, and once I launch those the site will be one step closer to Custom Image Scrabble Tile Pendants.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fantastic Finds

Oh my, this is one gorgeous find I want to share with you. A member of the Handmade Movement on Etsy, ValeriesGallery makes these beautiful and unique felted treasures. The pot in the photo needs to be shaped a bit (easy-to-follow instructions included with purchase), but I couldn't wait to photograph it after I opened it.

Valerie has a real talent with color as well as the felting process. I love the beads, the harmony, and of course the texture of her lovely pots. She lists new pots in her Etsy shop daily so there's quite the assortment to browse through for yourself or the perfect housewarming gift.

If you haven't already discovered the joy of felted pots, you are definitely missing out on a colorful and fabulous find!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Annie Howes Keepsakes Custom Bookmarks

I've been meaning to share these gorgeous bookmarks I created during the busy holiday season for one of my repeat buyers. Each bookmark is embellished with a beautiful Swarovski rondel sandwiched between 2 Swarovski crystal bicones. I loved how these looked together and wanted to share them with you.

Happy 2008

Well, it is still January and not too late to wish everyone a very happy 2008.

It's been far too long since my last entry and it's my intention to devote a bit more time this area of my life by sharing lot's of interesting and fun finds from around the world.

New to our lives here is this adorable Mini Rat Terrier, Angus. We are very much pet people around here and Angus (Scottish for "strong", I believe) brings our dog population up to 3. Weighing in at less than 3 pounds at 9 weeks old, he can sure make his presence known around here.