Saturday, January 22, 2011

Maddie Update: An Appointment at Mayo.

Maddie December 2010
The updated news for my niece, Maddie, is hopeful. After what can easily be compared to applying to an Ivy League University, Maddie has been accepted and given an appointment at Mayo Clinic. I asked my sister, Laura, for an update, and the following is what she shared.

 "Maddie is holding her own right now - we have had some issues with severe seizures that were totally unexplained, until we realized that they appeared to come with certain antibiotics. It is unclear whether the seizures are related to infection, or the antibiotics. She is also having periods where she can't move a muscle, but is wide awake. This is pretty scary for her, but she pushes through it. Partial paralysis of her legs, arms, digestive system and elimination systems, as well as partial paralysis of her diaphragm continue, but she manages her issues with a smiling face and a cheerful attitude. She is a real inspiration to so many people, on so many levels.

 We finally have an appointment for The Mayo Clinic at the end of January, beginning of February! We pray daily that this will hold the key answers, and help her regain some of what she's lost during this ordeal. We want to thank everyone who has contributed to helping us get Maddie to Mayo - without all the love and support, I have no idea how we would ever manage to get our child the help she needs. We have been touched beyond all comprehension by the generosity and true caring that has been gifted to us."

We can't thank everyone enough for their continued outpouring of support. I wanted to share this piece of news as it fills us all with tremendous hope. Have a safe journey, you guys!