Thursday, June 4, 2009

Totally New Papers Are In! Archival Quality Great for Pendants and Scrapbooking Projects!

Lots more on hand than I have photographed and listed, but a few new paper packs are already available in my shop on Etsy. I love this new pattern on an Indian paper. It's called "Twinkle Flowers" and is available in 2 paper collections "Twinkle Flowers I" and "Twinkle Flowers II"

Twinkle Flowers I

Twinkle Flowers II

Also available are 3 new colors of the Classic Italian Florentine paper, in pink, blue and green. This collection would be perfectly at home on a custom decorated tin set.

Perhaps the most exciting additions are the Katazome-shi papers. I love the rustic images, less controlled than the Chiyogami patterns, that I've paired with some of the other Japanese papers. You'll love them, too!