Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Ice Storm Cometh. And Proof That Parents Have A 6th Sense.

It all began in the wee hours of Monday. Freezing rain that built a half inch of ice on my car. No school for the kids, naturally, but it also knocked out power. And cell phone service for most of the state of Kentucky. Yuck.

Now I'm no stranger to power outages, having lived 10 years on Guam in the 90's I've had my fair share of typhoons, typhoon aftermath, and what the local Guam Power Authority termed "load sharing" (scheduled power outages throughout the day by village). After typhoon Omar we were without power for about 6 weeks. But that was the tropics. I can take a cold shower in the tropics. I'm not so thrilled about that in the middle of a Kentucky winter.

So what's this about parents having a 6th sense? I have that one covered. Maybe it's just my parents left Monday morning for Cancun, Mexico. They live only 3.5 hours north (maybe 4 hours now that I have a speeding ticket under my seatbelt) just outside of Indianapolis so they probably had a bit of winter weather. Instead, they're calling me with daily updates about drinking champagne in a hot tub with new friends from Argentina. And swimming with dolphins. Not to mention hot meals. I can't even serve up a toasty cup of java without driving the 20 minutes to McDonald's, or better yet, the Cafe Bonin, where I am right now using their WIFI and having a lovely hot cajun sandwich. So this is proof positive that my parents have a 6th sense.

The studio update is this: No power, it's 34 degrees and falling in there, and while I plan to build a fire to heat the space, I can only work until the sun begins to set because I have no light in there. I also don't have internet, so unless I can type a reply with my iPhone, I'll be unable to answer any questions until I make my daily trip to Cafe Bonin. However, I will answer any messages or emails as best as I can. I will also update here and in my Etsy shop when power is restored because I look forward to getting back to business as usual.

*** If you ordered a kit and need the tutorial please send me an email: annie {at sign} anniehowes dot com and I will forward it as soon as I am able. Thank you so much for your patience. I deeply appreciate it.

*** UPDATE: We're still without power, however we have the generator hooked up and we have internet, so it's back to business as usual as long as it all keeps running :o)


Haute Country Vintage Co. said...

Hope you get your power back soon! I can relate, tho it's been years since we got that much ice here in Tennessee, (and it was prior to my internet addiction,lol)

Ring by Ring Designs said...

No electricity stinks. So much requires it. We have been having lots of snow (MA) but so far (knock on wood) we have had electricity. I'm in the middle of making my new pendants.

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

stay safe and warm!

LittleGemsbyKari said...

i hope you get power back soon!

Simply Sentimental said...

I too am feeling the effects of the winter ice storm..I'm lucky in that we've not lost power but my internet connection is like dial up again...See my blog for pictures I took yesterday..

I hope you keep warm and toasty...

Vicky said...

hope you stay warm Annie. I would swap some of our heat for your some of your ice if i could! (it was 111 F here last week)

take care hope you defrost soon :)