Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New tutorials page and an updated website

It's beginning to look like I take on the task of complete website overhauls on a yearly basis, so would it be correct for me to announce that the First Annual Annie Howes Website Redesign is now complete?


The new and much improved online store now includes a list of all tutorials, a measurement chart, an FAQ, all in one convenient place. Plus, all of the videos are on the tutorial page which means you don't have to go to YouTube to watch them (and possibly be distracted by cute baby animal videos).

Also, I'm pretty excited by the Shop by Tag feature which allows you to browse the store using the descriptive of your choice. Click the button on the left sidebar and just look at all those tags. Be prepared to be overwhelmed as I might need to pare them down a bit. Or not. There's still a search feature, but sometimes you just want to browse words, and I've supplied plenty of words to browse.

VIP Club members heard about it first. And as a bonus for receiving an email from me about it, VIP's received a valuable coupon code. Coupon codes are my way of saying, "Thanks for listening to me ramble on about the things I find interesting that are somehow related to making jewelry." This has been a comfortable arrangement. If you'd like to receive coupon codes on your jewelry making supplies, then you should really be a VIP Member.

I've gotta run. I have a new VIP Coupon code to send.

I'd love to hear from you!


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