Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Glamour Seal Ink Jet Glaze for Glass Pendants Won't Smear Your Ink Jet Prints

Once upon a time, there was no glaze available to make these beautiful glass pendants with ink jet prints, but now there is! Introducing Glamour Seal for Ink Jet Prints. Glamour Seal, a glaze developed to use with ink jet prints that allows you the freedom to use your ink jet prints under glass without the worry of your images becoming blurry. Additionally, Glamour Seal dries in a fraction of the time compared to other top selling glazes.
Below are a couple of examples that took only minutes to create. Both were printed on Epson Presentation Matte Paper using Canon ink jet printer. For best results, I recommend using matte photo paper instead of glossy photo papers. The glossy photo papers are plasticky and take much longer to dry, whereas the matte papers dried within minutes, and I experienced no "silvery spots" (trapped air) with matte papers. 

Flora image from www.Piddix.com

Butterfly image from www.Piddix.com

If you're using Luxe Resin and need a sealant for your ink jet prints, Glamour Seal glaze is an ideal solution. Simply brush on Glamour Seal and allow it to dry, then apply Luxe Resin for beautiful results.

Glamour Seal in 4 oz bottles (with the Purple Label)

Glamour Seal glaze for Ink Jet Prints is easy to use, affordable, and gives beautiful results!

Here's how to make a
Glass Pendant in a Pendant Tray


STEP 1: Find or create paper image print with ink jet printer or color laser printer. (Examples are from an ink jet printer on matte paper). I recommend matte paper because it allows the Glamour Seal to dry super fast.

STEP 2: Use Glamour Seal to glue the paper to the Glamour FX glass, allow to dry. This takes only a few minutes. No more long waits!
STEP 3: Trim the paper around the glass.

STEP 4: Coat the back of paper with Glamour Seal and press into pendant tray.

* Note: Glamour Seal is not a 3-dimensional glaze, however it can be used to protect your ink jet images when using Glamour Glaze or Luxe Resin.


Crickets Creations: Handcrafted Fashion Accessory Scarves and Fringies Professional Photo Portrait Props said...

Wow! You are always on the cutting edge of what's new in crafting, Annie!

Em said...

Hi Annie! I just got my seal in the mail. I'm wondering - do you use a paintbrush to put the seal on the glass? Or how do you do it exactly?

I'm very excited about the Glamour Seal. I'd try the paintbrush, I just don't have one that I can use, so I wanted to see if I need to go get one!

Annie Howes Keepsakes said...

Yes, I use a small paintbrush to coat the glass with Glamour Seal, which rinses out of the brush with warm water. xo, Annie

Unknown said...

Will the glamour seal hold the glass to the pendant tray as well as e6000?
I don't want to sell it if it will fall out.

Unknown said...

Will the glamour seal hold the glass to the pendant tray as well as e6000?
How well will it hold?

Annie Howes said...

Hi Laura,

Yes, it works very well to also hold the paper in the setting.