Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh, have I found the best kept secret in my new hometown. Well, technically speaking it's not in my town, it's not even in my county, but it is within a 45 minute drive which means it's close enough for dinner.

Try asking someone who's been to Missy's how to get there. Forget it. Just the name of the place, Missy's "Out of the Way" Cafe should be clue enough that it's, well, not on the beaten path. The cafe is located in Raywick, Kentucky which is in Central Kentucky in Marion County and that's about as exact a verbal location as I can give (see map above).

What's so special about Missy's? Considering that I live in a dry county in Central Kentucky, an area which is one of the nation's top producers of tobacco, it's refreshing to be able to sit in a smoke-free environment while enjoying a beer with a meal. Sure I can do that at home, but Missy's has something else spectacular, SOBs, which is a fabulous creation of potatoes with melted cheese, rib eye steaks every which way and marinated in Missy's secret sauce, and a really funky collector's dream decor. It's definitely an oasis in this fast-food chain town.

A tip to those who prefer to not live on the edge? Don't head to Missy's on an empty fuel tank. There's not a filling station within miles!


luv4sams said...

That will learn you won't it!

Purty Girl Designs said...

where are you? i am in lexington.. and i am thinking that maybe i need to go to missy's we love a good hidey hole!!

Callooh Callay said...

Sounds wonderful! Forty-five minutes for a beer with a meal doesn't seem out of line, if that's what it takes!