Monday, February 4, 2008

Flameworks - Lip Luxury

In the heart of winter what’s the best excuse to do a little “Me” shopping on Etsy? Chapped lip prevention, of course! There are so many wonderful lip balms on Etsy it was a difficult choice for my first purchase, but I made my decision to purchase from Flameworks based on two criteria: the convenient twist-up tube applicator and “flavor”.

In very short order, my daughter and I received our Lip Luxury lip balms. She ordered chocolate mint, which is a decadent rich scent, and I ordered a berry mix with pomegranate, which I adore. Lip Luxury goes on like butter but doesn’t feel greasy and is an instant relief from the incessant dryness of winter. I just love this product! The best news about Flamework's Lip Luxury is that neither one of us has chapped lips!


Felicia said...

Sounds delicious :)

Crafty Mama said...

Flame works has lovely things! Great feature, Annie.

Andrea Baker said...

The berry mix one sounds lovely!