Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Craft Fair Days. Cow Days & Ham Days in Central Kentucky.

These are the best days for craft fairs, nice cool mornings that turn into warm afternoons, without a hint of rain. Much better than my first experience with being a participant in a craft fair earlier this summer (see July post). We had two of the most beautiful days in Greensburg, Kentucky celebrating all things that go moo.

I wanted to share a few photos of my booth for my friends who like to check out other crafter's booths (I know I do!). I invested in a few more props, taking advantage of store closings in my own town. Sad as that may be (darn the Walmarts!), I'm happy to put the store displays to good use.

I met some really fine folks over the weekend, and especially enjoyed the company of Donna and Julie, of Tennessee and Louisville, respectively. If you ladies are reading this, I miss you already! No one sleeps late like those ladies do.

This coming weekend is Ham Days in the cute town of Lebanon, Kentucky. While my new friends won't be there I know I'll be in good company. Sandi of PrettyBowtique will be there selling her cute hairbows. Sandi's mom, Bea, will join us and she has the most fun purses you can find. And driving all the way down from Lousiville is Denita Cherry and her pal who will have Top Secret Stuff that I'm sure is too die for cute. It'll be a little Etsy Fam Team get together.

I also will be celebrating 5 wonderful years with Mr. Howes, who has been patient with me this entire marriage and then some. I think he's given up trying to figure what I'll do next. We will plan to mark the auspicious occasion with dinner at The Oak Barrel in Lebanon on Friday night.

If you're in the area, come out to Ham Days. It's the largest fair of it's kind in the area. Live music, contests, and fabulous pendants!