Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mushi Mushi, I Made Sushi!

Ah, yes, the day has finally come when I've taken the culinary leap of faith where I've taken my craft skills to the kitchen and have rendered not fat, but beauty.

Behold my first sushi experience. A simple start with just the basics: rice, nori, and fresh garden (not my own) cucumber. Known as The Shotgun in these here parts because there's something about the cucumber roll which makes the wasabi explode like fireworks in the back of my nose.

I finally gathered the courage to take the sushi plunge after visiting an international food market while in Indianapolis over Labor Day Weekend. Promptly after popping a Vicodin prescribed for my freshly broken pinkie toe (see previous post), I delved into the project. I figured pouring resin was probably not wise with the pain I was in and the effects of the medication, and besides, if I messed up my sushi roll I could always blame my toe.

So, I've come to the conclusion that if I can make a sushi roll this pretty and this tasty while hobbling around the kitchen on one foot, it can't be all that difficult after all.

The difficult part is getting sushi grade ahi delivered to Central Kentucky. I found this great site and got all excited because I could have 2 lbs of ahi for $35. Then my heart broke when overnight shipping brought the total to $74. But the point is, I could have it if I wanted it badly enough. And that, my friend, brings me great comfort.


oldprof said...

We have lots of sushi grade ahi around Indy--more excuses for you to visit often (but watch those piggies!).

Marian said...

Aahhh sushi... nothing yummier! I have never tried to make it myself... Is there such a think as "sushi for dummies" or something?

Hope the toe is healing!

Margeaux said...

That's really looks tricky to make.

Always Amy said...

I madly love sushi! :) Looks like yours came out much pretty then mine usually do. Good thing they are tasty no matter what!

robin dudley-howes said...

Hi Annie

I had to write to you because of your name. I was looking at a tutorial on shisha mirror embroidery and I happened to see a comment you left (this was in feb.08). There are not many people that spell Howes the way we do. I married that name! My name is Robin Dudley-Howes and I just had to find out more about you. I love your etsy shop and plan on buying some of your glass as I to am a jewelry designer! I teach mixed media art and all kinds of other things. When you get a chance please check out my blog and drop me a line!

hugs and shimmies!
p.s I have always loved the name Annie. way to cool!

auryndesign said...

You're an inspiration to a chicken like me who has always been afraid to make it myself!!