Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hinton's Orchard and Harvest Fun!

Each Tuesday morning I meet up for coffee with a few of my fellow Amazon spouses for some light socialization, much needed for me since I rarely get out of the studio most days. School is out for two weeks for Fall Break and a couple of the moms had planned a morning trip to a pumpkin patch.

I had a full schedule today with much needed glass arriving, orders to ship, kits to assemble, all while Mr. Howes was busy renovating my studio (that's another post entirely), so I hemmed and hawed, but after twisting my rubber arm, I quickly caved. It's rare that an invitation to poke around a pumpkin patch arises, and with children in tow we all headed to Hinton's Orchard & Farm Market located off 210 in Hodgenville, KY.

We were so pleasantly surprised at what we found. There was a blow up jumping *thing* (what are those called?), a hayride, baby calves (redundant, I know) that were the sweetest things I ever saw, a corn silo the kids could play in, a corn maze, and of course pumpkins! Lots of beautiful, perfect pumpkins.

It didn't take long for everyone to find their perfect pumpkins, in fact it took much longer for us to shop in their small but well-stocked market. The aroma of caramel apples permeated the market. Frozen lamb chops, beef patties, and pork were available, all grown locally in Kentucky. Homemade preserves, and apple and peach butters lined shelves alongside BBQ sauce and relish.

This coming weekend is their 5th Annual Pumpkinfest with a live band, pumpkin painting, and hot air balloon rides. The Green River Cattle Company will be there grilling their famous ribeye sandwiches which is one of my personal favorites. Take a look at the Hinton Orchard's website and blog for more information. You won't be disappointed! Please say hello to 3 week old "Number 29" (see photo at top) from me. He's a sweetie!


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm really enjoying your blog. The tile pendant project is tons of fun. I'll be linking to it!

Moms Lifesavers said...

What joy it is to escape our 'duties' at home to enjoy the pleasures of Fall. I'm in New England and the foliage is at its peak. We enjoyed the oceanside foliage and then ventured home for hot apple cider and scrabble pendant making...so we thought of you! :)

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