Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial Has a Little Competition

If the epitome of wearbale cuteness is a Scrabble Tile Pendant, then make room for something glamorous and sexy. Feast your eyes upon these gorgeous Glass Pendants made from Japanese Chiyogami papers and clear glass tiles.

Each kit includes a full color professionally prepared PDF tutorial with photos which is emailed to you at the time of shipment so once your order arrives you are fully equipped to start crafting.

I select only the most beautiful Chiyogami papers to include in my Glass Pendant kits, selecting from a broad range of papers that include popular elements and colors.

The various Annie Howes DIY Kits offered include:
- Create Your Own Glass Pendant Kit with Japanese Chiyogami Papers
- Create Your Own Glass Pendant Kit with Scrapbook papers
- Create Your Own Glass Pendant Kit with Round Glass Wafers, includes Chiyogami Papers
- Create Your Own Collection Kit for pendants and magnets, includes Chiyogami papers
- Create Your Own Scrabble Tile Pendants Kit

These original kits, which are an Annie Howes exclusive, are packaged with all the materials you need to create 6 gorgeous glass pendants. The beautiful packaging and fabulous tutorial means these kits are perfect for gift giving. But I caution you, this is one gift you'll want to keep for yourself!

You may find these kits at AnnieHowes.com or AnnieHowes on Etsy. Wholesale inquiries welcome. Please visit AnnieHowes.com for more information.


Nikki said...

These are great Annie! I love your packaging!

kim* said...

Sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

Yes the pendant is so beautiful. I just want to learn everything now that I am on etsy. Funny thing is I fell into jewelry making only a month ago. I am a fiber artist. I would love to learn this technique. I am up for anything crafty!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

cool-if i don't serge my fingers together with my new sewing machine, i just may consider a pendant making tutorial!

Lisa said...

I just ordered some items from you. I'm hoping the Diamond Glaze is the answer to my problems. I've been using a product called "Liquid Glass" which you would think would be the same, but when it dries, it leaves some shiny irridescent splotches in different areas that I am not happy with...among other things. It is so frustrating! I'm PRAYING this will work!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous. When I get a chance to learn something new in between two babies and starting my own business, I'll be looking to learn this!