Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mixing Things Up A Bit in the Dog Pack.

This post is completely unrelated to business, so if you're the serious crafting type and you came here to learn about what I'm up to business-wise, I'm super sorry to disappoint you.

No, this blog post is dedicated entirely to the personal side of my life. The side of my life that greets me after a hard day's work when I make the long haul from the door of my studio 100 ft. to the back door of my house. My dogs.

Well, more precisely, this post is about the new addition to the dog pack. Yes, that's right. Dog Pack. That's what you call a group of hounds, right? This is more like the United Nations of the Dog Pack world because only one of them is technically a hound dog. Maybe. We have a Golden Retriever (Sam), a Catahoula (Carson), Angus (a Rat Terrier), and now Zeta, another Rat Terrier, because you can't have just one Rat Terrier (no joke).

Zeta, aka My Sweet Valentine (her pedigree name), came to live with completely due to the scheming and plotting of Mr. Howes, a self-described Dog Lover and Enthusiast, who baited me to Bowling Green with the temptation of a Valentine's dinner at Outback Steakhouse. What I didn't know was that when he programmed Garmin with the destination of Outback (which is over 1.5 hours from home, yeah, we're "out there") he also programed the kennels as a via point.

So little Zeta, who weighs almost as much as a Guinea Pig, is the only girl in the dog pack, and no we are not breeding dogs. We just have lots of love to give and on 5 acres, we have plenty of space.

So here's a pic of Zeta, our little piebald sweetie. May she housebreak quicker than Angus.


LittleGemsbyKari said...

aw she's a cutie!!!

Barb said...

what a sweet baby! I just got a puggle, although not a puppy, it is a blessing b/c he enjoys pottying outside (almost) all the time!

Dee said...

aww, thanks for sharing! I am a dog lover too! she's SO cute!!

Elizabear said...

Awwwww She is such a little cutie!

RhiannonSTR said...

I love rat terriers. So much personality in such a small dog.

RhiannonSTR said...

I love rat terriers. So much personality in such a small dog.