Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why, Hello Dolly!

Friday was a very interesting day around here as days go for those of us in Central Kentucky. With school being out and my husband's work schedule finally giving him weekends off, Friday is a real day to celebrate.

However, this past Friday we really had reason to celebrate: our daughter was finally graduated to riding Dolly, a beautiful 16+ hand 3 year old Mule. For those of you "not in the know", Red Bud, a 4 year old mammoth donkey, had been our daughter's trusty mount for the past 8 months. Susan, a highly skilled competition-level equestrian and trainer, assured Bridget that if she could control Red Bud, she could control anything.

I'm so thrilled to have Susan in our lives to give Bridget a solid and safe equestrian foundation. Through Susan we've learned to love and understand these beautiful and affectionate creatures who are so dog-like in their personalities, and so much less flighty than their horsey friends (we adore horses, too :o).

I just wanted to share some photos of Bridget on Dolly. The expression on her face is priceless. Enjoy.


New England Quilter said...

What a wonderful day and congrats to your daughter!

Andrea Baker said...

that is awesome!!!!

and thanks for explaining for us not in the know. lol

woolies said...

My neighbor has 5-6 mules. Occasionally they escape and come tramping over to my house and drive my horses wild. (we have two horses, and I give beginner lessons)
Mules are great. But my mustang thinks she is a dog, too.

ElegantSnobbery said...

Wow, I had no idea a person could even ride a donkey or mule. But how cute!!! I used to take horse back riding lessons when I was your daughter's age, but I never really got over my fear of horses. I adore donkeys however. Maybe I should have been riding one of them!!

Your daughter looks completely in her element on that mule! How cute!