Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to Make a Stunning Glass Tile Pendant

I've always had an affinity for glass and the way it enriches any environment with it's water-like visual quality. I love glass with texture and distortion, in blues and greens, and I love how glass reflects onto other surfaces creating what we call around here "lightbugs".

Naturally, I've fallen in love with glass tile pendants. I've found these beautifully handcut clear square tiles that have been fired in a kiln to smooth the edges so they're all as smooth to the touch as any curve would be. I've created a slew of these gorgeous necklaces using a wide variety of beautiful patterned papers, from scrapbook papers to fine Japanese Chiyogami papers, and I'm currently developing a method to offer them customized with your photo.

I may not have my pendants in my stores just yet (I'm reserving them for an upcoming arts & crafts fair) I do have a fabulous Do-It-Yourself kit available in both www.anniehowes.com and anniehowes.etsy.com! Each kit comes with a basic tutorial on how to make a stunning glass tile pendnat!


Marian said...

That' s is what i like about glass too...reflection. How it plays with light. Interesting! i'd like to try this...gotta save my pennys!


luv4sams said...

Great blog Annie but you knew that already!

Ana of The Pretty Peacock said...

I love these pendants, Annie! Gorgeous!

Vanessa said...

where can you get the glass ? I have a Hobby Lobby not far would they have it?

Annie Howes Keepsakes said...

Hi Vanessa, I make the glass myself. I have the glass in both of my shops: www.anniehowes.com and http://anniehowes.etsy.com

Rachat de credit said...

Thanks a lot it was a good help, now to make a stunning glass tile pendant is definitely very easy utilizing your advice. Thanks