Sunday, March 11, 2007

What's Next

The next project I hope to have completed by next weekend is a hanging vase or votive holder made with stemmed glassware. A little photo documentation goes a long way when describing any of these projects and I've helpfully included those below.

First, I've removed the stem of the glass. Then I rasped the raw edge of the break until it's fairly smooth and even. It's nice to have a Dremel tool on hand to really smooth it out and remove any remaining glass burs.

I then wrapped the lip of the glass with copper foil tape and applied the solder.

Next, at the base of the glass, I wrapped the portion I plan to solder with copper foil tape. I then applied the solder and added a small silver jump ring.

This piece is now begging for completion, but sadly I'm still waiting on materials. In the meantime, I have a second piece of stemware I can bring to this point, and a third piece of glass whose intended purpose still puzzles me, but was such a great find and is such an interesting shape I simply couldn't pass on it. More on this project as materials arrive.

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oldprof said...

Thanks for the blog. It's fun to keep up with your projects this way! Lots of love from Dad & Linda