Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Family Pets & String Dolls

I'm really not sure what anyone else thinks about these Koonin Pets from Kamibashi, but I think they're wonderful. They're a mix of my 2 favorite things: visual texture and animals. "Those are creepy", my husband said looking at my monitor from over my shoulder, but I think they're adorable. They're so expressive!

Just as wonderful and wacky are the handmade String Doll Gang, also from Kamibashi. With names like "Super Piggy" and "Safety Boy", someone clearly has a sense of humor. It's too difficult to pick a favorite, but each one is supposed to help you in some way. Crazy Eyes helps you find things, Lover Boy attracts passion, inspires loyalty, and serves up the love, and Super Piggy might just save the world yet. They're only 2.5" tall, but they seem to be a whole new breed of super hero.

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