Monday, December 23, 2013

Gingerbread Houses! What's Behind Door Number...?


It's kind of a tradition for my daughter and I to decorate a gingerbread house each year. This year, everyone in the studio at decorated a gingerbread house, too. I thought it would be fun and help us all get into the spirit of the holidays and Katy, Ryan, and Sophie each decorated a house, and it's been so much fun for all of us to share our creations.

To make it more interesting, I've assigned discounts to the 4 houses, all of which will be the New Year's Day Sale available to all of our VIP Club Members. The first 100 replies will help determine which gingerbread house discount code will be used. If you're not one of the first 100 to vote, don't worry, you will still get to use the discount code if you are a VIP Member.

So, which gingerbread house do you choose? Here's the link to cast your vote.  You'll receive the discount code through the VIP Club email before New Year's Day.

Have fun voting! And happy holidays!


P.S. Here's the sealed envelope with all the codes!