Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Easy to Make Bottle Cap Christmas Ornaments.

I've been thinking this week about getting a jump-start on making holiday ornaments and crafts (I know, November is not exactly a jump-start), and I've been staring at these bottle caps that I just put on sale. What I came up with is a super easy, inexpensive and fun project with a Christmas theme.

There are so many different images you can use to make these ornaments, and you don't have to search far because I have these images available in Adobe PDF format on my website. You can also make and print your own onto smooth white card stock.

Here's what you need to make these:
And here's how you make them.

Punch a hole in the bottom of two of the bottle caps and assemble them into a string of three bottle caps. The bottom bottle cap shouldn't have a hole in it (unlike my Santa, which is my own goof).

Next, punch out the 3 images and, one at a time, peel and stick a Glamour Dot (the 3-dimensional epoxy sticker) onto the face of one of the circles. Turn upside down on a clean and smooth surface (like a clean piece of card stock) and rub the backside of the paper to remove the air pockets. Check the other side and keep rubbing until you've got them out. Rub the edges really well, too.

Then, once you have done that to all 3 pieces, take one of the Glamour Stickies and remove one of the non-stick backings from it and carefully place it on the back of the paper then press firmly. Remove the other protective backing. Carefully line the image up with the direction you want the image to face (ie. Santa's head is on straight) and press firmly into the bottle cap. Repeat with the remaining pieces. 

You are finished! Unless you want to get super crafty and add ribbon, or other things to it. Let your imagination roll! 

All supplies are available from Annie Howes.
For more fun tutorials, please visit www.anniehowes.com

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jelly andrews said...

I will definitely going to try making this DIY project. This is so cute. And I guess this would be a perfect way to decorate a blank wall this Christmas.