Thursday, January 31, 2008

Morgan Street – “Real Soap Made the Old Fashioned Way”

How does one go about purchasing fragrant handmade soap online? By falling in love with the shop’s photography, of course! If you love rich, lathering, fragrant cold process soap, then you should really high tail it over to Morgan Streen on Etsy.

My love of these soaps goes all the way back to last summer when I first stumbled upon Etsy. That was months before I made my first purchase. Who knew soap could come in such gorgeous bars in such rich colors? I never thought twice about the soap I kept in my shower, but then I found Morgan Street and after months of deliberation, finally settled on two fragrances. I made an indulgent purchase of Black Raspberry Vanilla, which I am currently enjoying, and Coconut Lime, which I’ve been keeping at my desk because I just can’t get enough of the rich, citrus scent!

Each bar comes individually wrapped complete with scent name and a list of ingredients. Morgan Street has quite a variety of fragrances, surely something to please everyone. You won't be disappointed in these fine soaps. You might just find a new passion!

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